Brushing teeth with clay?

| November 5, 2015
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toothbrush-309145_640October was National Dental Hygiene Month, which culminates, interestingly, on the most sugary of holidays.

According to most sources, brushing twice, daily is the ideal schedule for proper oral hygiene.  Some, however, are reticent about using regular toothpaste, citing a long list of ingredients that are listed as non-essential, unhealthy, or even dangerous to human health.  Those interested in a more “natural” approach to dental health may be interested to hear from Darryl Bosshardt with Redmond’s New Product Development and Marketing.  He recently spoke with KMZU’s Ashley Johnson.

He says, “brushing with clay”  may be a healthy alternative to brushing with common forms of toothpaste.  Most brushing pastes contain a very fine powder which helps clean teeth.  Bosshardt says “earthpaste” contains Redmond clay, which is actually a very fine bentonite clay powder which performs the same cleaning functions as titanium dioxide found in regular toothpaste, and also the cleaning compound dentists use to clean teeth.  It is not, however, classified as “carcinogenic.”  This, in conjunction with natural flavoring oils, natural sweetener, “real salt”, and water, rounds out the few ingredients found in this toothpaste substitute.


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