Accomplice to murder found guilty by jury

| September 20, 2017
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PLATTE COUNTY, MO – A Platte County jury found a man guilty of first degree murder, although he did not commit the murder.

Prosecuting attorney, Eric Zahnd, said the convicted man had been in possession of the murder weapon and buried it. According to Zahnd, Zakary Mergy of Kansas City, Kansas did not kill the victim, but aided and assisted another person who carried out the crime. Francisco Vargas III was found dead of gunshot wounds November of 2014 at his residence.  Prosecutors were able to prove to the jury, that a suspect vehicle belonged to a relative of Mergy.  Mergy also claimed he had been given the murder weapon after the crime was committed.  A cell phone belonging to Mergy had been active at the time and place of the murder.

As a result of the conviction, Mergy must spend a life term in prison without parole. Sentence will be handed down November 30 this year.

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