Ag Company Issues Statement on Buyout

| March 29, 2013
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An agriculture and consumer equipment dealer headquartered in McKinney, Texas confirmed Tuesday that it would be expanding into Missouri.  Ag-Power Inc. issued a statement Friday detailing its acquisition of Deems Farm Equipment in Marshall and all Heartland Farm and Lawn dealerships in the Show-Me State.

Phone calls to a representative for Heartland Farm and Lawn were not returned.  A spokesperson for Deems declined to discuss the deal on Tuesday.  Ag-Power’s owner, Jack Radke, is expected to discuss the deal with KMZU News next week.

Information from Ag-Power Inc.

MCKINNEY,  TX  —  Ag-Power has been serving our customers for nearly 40 years covering multiple segments in our region.  As a family owned company we continue to serve our farming, lawn & garden, and commercial customers throughout North Texas and Southwest Arkansas. Currently we have 11 locations in Texas and 1 in Arkansas with over 200 employees.  Ag-Power proudly serves our communities with quality employees delivering excellent customer service in all departments.

As we continue to grow we are pleased to announce that Ag-Power has the honor to bring on 5 additional stores and over 110 employees in Missouri to the Ag-Power family. With our recent purchase of Deem’s Farm Equipment in Marshall, MO and Heartland Farm & Lawn with locations in Centerville, Carrollton, Higginsville & Sedalia, MO, the Ag-Power family is now 17 stores strong across three different states.

With customers ranging from large farmers to homeowners to commercial contractors, Ag-Power continues to strive for quality relationships with its customers.  The Ag-Power team in Missouri will continue to offer you exceptional customer service in all departments.  We are excited to be part of such a wonderful opportunity and look forward to serving you and our local communities in Missouri.

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