Agri-Legacy Tackles Farm Estate Planning

| January 26, 2013
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The fifth annual Agri-Legacy conference will be held this Tuesday (Jan. 29) at the Isle of Capri Hotel and Casino in Boonville.  Several guest speakers are on the agenda including comedian and former Miss South Carolina Jane Herlong who use her personal story to highlight the need for estate planning..

“My father was not an educated man, he was a worker and very smart person in terms of he knew his craft and he knew how to grow great crops but one thing daddy was not familiar with was the legacy planning which is so important and we just had a very horrible, for lack of a better word, situation with law suits and it just tore the family apart.”

Other guest speakers include Missouri Director of Agriculture Jon Hagler, former FAPRI director Abner Womack, Richard Loney, Galen Dody, Bobby Medlin and Wes Hengtes.

The group will address the agriculture industry, taxation and how to transition farm operations from one generation to the next.

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