Alleged Attempted Abduction Reported in Corder

| January 31, 2013
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Police in Corder have confirmed the alleged attempted abduction of two elementary school students.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Grandview Elementary Principal Dr. Mike Camp:

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According to officials,  it occurred at the corner of Lafayette and Liese Streets.  “The incident involved a car approaching a couple of our students at a bus stop in Corder,”said Camp, “The driver stated to them that it was cold and asked if they wanted a ride.  The two students declined and the man then asked if they were sure and persisted with that a bit.  They responded yes and then moved to the next bus stop visible to them.”

Camp outlined the details of the alleged suspect.  “The vehicle, as it was described to us by the students, was a light blue four-door car,” said Camp, “It was driven by an African American male that they described as young and wearing a stocking cap.”

School authorities reported the incident to local law enforcement officials.  No vehicle matching the description was located in the area.

A letter was sent home to all parents outlining the situation and asking them to review basic safety tips and the importance of staying in a group with their children.

Police Statement:

The children were contacted at a bus stop in Corder at Lafayette and Liese Streets at approximately 0650 hours.  After being contacted by an African American male driving a light blue 4-door car the children immediately moved to another bus stop located at Lafayette and Wall Street where other children were waiting for the school bus.

The unknown party did not attempt to make contact with any of the children at the Corder Bank bus stop or any other bus stop located within the city limits of Corder.

The children immediately reported the incident to their bus driver who told them to contact the principal when they arrived at school.

No vehicles were observed matching the description in the Corder/Higginsville area and the party left in an unknown direction.

I would ask that all parents speak to their children about the importance of stranger danger and what steps they need to do for help.  Unfortunately this happens in metropolitan cities and now in rural Lafayette County.

Letter to Parents from Grandview Elementary School:

Dear parents/guardians,

The purpose of this letter is to make you aware of an incident this morning involving a possible “stranger danger” in the Corder area.

This morning while waiting at their bus stop, two children were asked by a man if they wanted a ride as it was “very cold this morning”.  When the students declined, the mans asked if they were sure and the students moved toward the next bus stop and joined another group of children.  The man drove away. The police in both Corder and Higginsville and the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Department have be notified and are investigating.  The stranger is described as a younger African American male driving a light blue 4 door car.

We want you to know that student safety is always our top priority and this event reminds us of the importance of talking with your child about stranger danger.

I encourage you to talk to your child and review some basic safety tips.

Reinforce safe behaviors and to always be award of the surroundings.

Identify safe places to go if your child senses trouble.

Remind your child to never go anywhere alone – to always travel with a group.

If a stranger approaches your child, whether it is at school or outside of school, be sure that your child knows what to do: yell or shout, run away and immediately tell an adult.

Stress to your child the importance of going straight to school and coming home immediately after dismissal, or leaving the bus stop.

Make sure your children know their addresses and phone numbers and how to reach you in case of an emergency.

Get together with other parents and see if you can share the responsibility of walking students to and from school or monitoring the bus stops.

Remind you child to report anything suspicious around the neighborhood or school to you or to an adult at school.

Together we can help protect the safety of our children.


Dr. Mike Camp

Grandview Elementary Principal


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