Black-top Blow-ups

| August 26, 2014
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The high temperatures have caused a lot of issues this year and not only to people. Click here to listen to KMZU’s Kristie Cross, speak with the Missouri’s Department of Transportation Area Engineer, Tonya Lohman.

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One of the issues MoDot’s asking you to watch for is pavement blow-ups. “The biggest issue that we have is in our concrete pavement sections.  A lot of times you will get water that gets down into the cracks. We deliberately put cracks into the pavement every 15-ft, and that allows those to move, contract, and expand.” said Lohman ” That water though, can get in those cracks and create issues over time. When you have this extreme temperatures like this it causes those pavements to buckle and we can loose an entire section or you can have a really rough ride. So it can be a really minor complaint up to a really bad situation.”

With the thousands of miles of pavement that is assigned to each supervisor, it’s hard for them to check all their miles of roadway everyday.  “We have had a few blow-ups out there. We’ve been out on 36 Hwy and 65 Hwy doing repairs for some that have occurred. It hasn’t been quite as bad this year as it was last year because we haven’t had the extreme number of heat events.” Lohman said “Anytime you’re out driving our roadways and you see areas of concern, whether its the typical pot-hole that you see where we just have some pavement that’s been lost and your tire dips in in one little spot to a place where you have a concrete roadway our something that has some severe ride issues and its buckled up, please let us know. We try to get out and ride our roads but we have supervisors that usually have to maintain anywhere from about 300 to 430 miles out of one building.”


Press Release:

August 25, 2014
Extreme Mid-Missouri Temperatures Mean Pavement Blow-ups
With temperatures nearing 100 degrees during the early portion of this week, motorists should be aware that the extreme heat can cause pavement “blow-ups” on mid-Missouri roadways.

A pavement blow-up occurs when the roadway surface expands at a crack or joint where moisture has seeped in. That crack weakens the pavement and the heat causes the pavement to buckle and warp.

While it is difficult to know where or when a pavement blow-up will happen, crews with the Missouri Department of Transportation are monitoring state routes for these blow-ups and will make repairs as soon as possible.

Motorists can report pavement blow-ups, or any other roadway concerns, by calling MoDOT’s toll-free customer service center  at 1-888-ASK-MODOT (275-6636), or online at



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