Blunt Holds Press Conference

| February 7, 2013
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The post office, military aid in Egypt, and immigration were among the topics Senator Roy Blunt touched on during his press conference Wednesday morning. Click to hear audio from the conference:

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He addressed Medicaid expansion.  Blunt said the Supreme Court case established that there could be no penalty states for not participating, and that decision will be left to the state.

“To believe that there will be no long-term cost to other things that the state funds is a mistake, but they’re going to be getting lots of input from hospitals and others that encourage them to do this,” said Blunt, “Whether they’ll get offsetting concerns from higher education and elementary and secondary education, I don’t know.”

He said the decision lies with lawmakers in Jefferson City.

Blunt believes there is inconsistency in the administration’s policy for drone strikes.

“You can kill American citizens in another country, without any real legal proceeding, and at the same time arguing that if you, in that same country, captured someone who is a foreign terrorist, that you couldn’t use enhanced interrogation to get information from them,” said Blunt.

Blunt believes the administration should be challenged on this position.

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