Brief city meeting precedes election of council members

| November 7, 2017
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CARROLLTON, MO – A meeting of the Carrollton City Council last night may have set a record.

According to Mayor, Brian Mathis, the regular agenda took a mere six minutes to accomplish. However, that was enough time for council to approve regular ‘housekeeping’ items, including the payment of a number of bills with city funds. In reports by council members, Everett Shields noted an issue previously determined by council. Certain residents had been asked to remove, or mark, metal plates from driveways. A previous discussion determined the presence of the plates hindered road maintenance during winter months. Council members reiterated, the plates would have to be marked on both sides to aid visibility during snow removal. Before adjournment, Mayor Mathis promised a more full agenda next meeting.

Future meetings will also involve the newly elected representatives for Ward I, and Ward II. That special election is today.

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