Carrollton School District to Implement Drug Testing

| January 9, 2013
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The idea of testing kids for drugs was discussed during the December meeting when members agreed to place the idea on a thirty-day review.  Superintendent Judith Delaney says the group has voted to implement the policy for grades 7 through 12th.

“It’s random testing for all students who are in any type of activity,” she says.  “Academic bowl, sports, music, any type of thing, FFA, but it’s also for students who are old enough to drive, they have to participate in the program in order to park on school property.”

The policy will take effect next school year.  In other business last August when students returned to class after summer vacation, they were introduced to a new food service system.  Delaney says feedback from the first semester shows the program is off to a good start.

“Our lunch participation is up;  it’s up about 5-percent.  Our breakfast is down somewhat,” she says.  “We’ve increased it a little bit by offering breakfast in the seventh and eighth grade gym with our seventh and eighth graders, we feel like they’re more comfortable eating breakfast there than going over to the elementary school.”

The number of people eating the regular lunch has seen an increase.  The district is working with the food service company in an ongoing effort to make sure nutritious foods that kids will eat are available.  Board members also mentioned the upcoming election.  Delaney says two seats on the school board will need to be filled.

“Jim Famuliner and Angie Germann, their terms are up and we’ve have one person who’s filed and it’s Miss Susie Lock”

The deadline to register for the race is Tuesday, January 15th at 5 p.m.

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