Cattle-Rustling, Still a Problem

| August 11, 2013
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Due to reports of cattle theft in southwest Missouri, cattle producers statewide are being encouraged to take some basic precautions to help prevent cattle theft. To hear KMZU’s Mandy Young talk with MU Extension Livestock Specialist, Eldon Cole, click below:
“First, be a good neighbor,” said University of Extension Livestock Specialist Eldon Cole. “Be inquisitive, take notice of what goes on around you.  If you see anything out of the ordinary, notify your sheriff’s department or the patrol immediately. The quicker the response the better chance the thief will be caught”.
According to Cole, the common denominator in the most recent cattle theft cases the perpetrators come in from the back sides of the farm where there’s no surveillance
Cattle producers can follow these tips to help prevent theft:
1.    Ask your neighbors to watch over your farm or ranch if you are gone.
2.    Brand cattle – make sure the brand is registered by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.
3.    Count livestock on a regular basis.
4.    Do not establish a routine when feeding. Vary the time when you feed and don’t feed in pens.
5.    Do not build pens close to a roadway.
6.    Lock gates.
7.    Do not leave equipment or trailers in view from a road.
8.    Do not leave keys in equipment.
9.    Create a proof of ownership file with detailed descriptions, photos, and corresponding paper work.
10.    Display Missouri Cattlemen’s Association member reward signs on gates and entrances.
The MCA reward signs were developed to help deter cattle theft. The reward fund offers $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of individuals committing felony cattle theft against members of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association. Reward signs are available free of charge to all MCA members.
By offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of people who commit felony cattle theft, Missouri Cattlemen hope to not only deter theft but also to increase the chance someone will step forward and report details leading to the recovery of the cattle when theft does occur.
MCA has been tremendously helpful in recovering stolen cattle and property. However, we hope producers will take extra precautions on their own farms and ranches to prevent theft from occurring.

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