Charges Filed in Alleged Assault

| February 7, 2012
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Two teenage boys in Hardin were charged Tuesday on allegations of sexual assault.

Jeffrey Ellis, 17, and Randy Estenbaum, 18, have been charged with forcible sodomy.  Estenbaum is facing additional charges of third-degree assault and two counts of sexual misconduct, according to court documents.  Each are being held on a $20,000 bond.

Court documents allege the two boys sodomized a classmate in the locker room at Hardin-Central High School on two separate occasions.

More students are expected to be charged in the case. When questioned by police, Ellis admitted in a written statement that he, with the help of two other students, had sexually assaulted the victim in Dec. 2011.  The identities of the suspects named in the probable cause statements have not been released.

At least two victims have come forward at this time.  Estenbaum has been linked to assaults that allegedly occurred in Oct. and Nov. 2011.

According to an anonymous source, four students were expelled in January. However, school officials have refused to comment on the disciplinary action taken by the Board of Education.

Randy Estenbaum

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