Commission Decision Draws Controversy

| June 27, 2013
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A decision of the Lexington Historic Preservation Commission has come under fire.

An outbuilding in the 1400 block of South Street was approved for demolition at the May 20th meeting. Since that decision was made, Missouri’s Little Dixie Heritage Foundation has stated their disagreement. They says the structure once served as slave quarters, and is therefore historically significant.

Historic Preservation Chairperson Byron Nicodemus says there is no definitive evidence the carriage house served as slave quarters. The issue has currently been turned over to the City’s legal department.

When the owners submitted their request for demolition of the structure, they claimed it is dilapidated. Weak rafters, no mortar between the bricks, and cracking stucco on the outside mean the estimated cost of repairs would exceed $30,000.

The Historic Preservation Commission will hold their next meeting July 15th at 7:00. It will be held in City Hall. Nicodemus says the public is invited to share their opinions on the issue at that time.

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