Community Health Needs Assessment

| June 18, 2013
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A Community Health Needs Assessment has been completed for the Pettis and Benton County area.  Bothwell Regional Hospital distributed in collected the surveys as part of a federal requirement from the Affordable Care Act. Once the data was pooled, three areas of need were found in the two counties served by the medical facility.

Respondents indicated concern regarding the community’s access to care, health behaviors, and chronic disease prevalence.

Access and affordability was the most pressing community health issue listed. About 14 percent of people said they or a household member had experienced difficulty finding a doctor within the past two years.

The greatest shortages were reported for adult primary care services, emergency/trauma care, bone and joint specialists, and diabetes specialist. A need for dental care and mental health care were also reported.

Poor health behaviors were another area of concern in the two counties. Smoking rates in Pettis County are about six percent higher than the state average. Both Pettis and Benton Counties have obesity rates higher than the national benchmark of 25 percent.

Chronic disease is prevalent in the area. Heart disease, COPD, prostate cancer, and stroke hospitalization rates are higher than the state average.

A five-part implementation strategy has been created to help Bothwell deal with these areas of need.  A full copy of the report can be found at

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