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Congratulations to Allen Scott of Meadville, winner of the KMZU Father’s Day contest. Daughter Lilly submitted the winning entry.

KRLI Father’s Day winner was Michael Kornbrust of Brookfield. Son Jace entered him in the contest. Both win Recliners and overnight stays at The Music Capital Inn in Branson.

Thanks for all who entered and HAPPY FATHER’S DAY from KMZU/KRLI!

Here are a few of our entries:

*Paul Brotherton should be the best Dad this year. He always make time to talk with his 5 grown children and all his grandchildren .Mostly by phone. 3 years ago I meet Paul just when I had given up on being happy,married,and alone. This year has been a Blessing for both of us. He ask me to be his wife. We are planning our wedding Sept.6th at Southside Baptist Church.His and my children will be a part of our new life. We both are 61years young. God is Good.


*Dear dad(Allen),

I know these past 18 years have been rough on you being a single parent. Our lives have been rough since mom passed away and then the house burnt.
You worked out of state to keep me feed and sheltered... I know I haven't been the easiest kid to take care of but I can't tell you how much
I love you. There's nothing in this world that could repay you for all the stuff you have done for me. You are my Mr.Mom.
Sent from your littlest girl Lilly Scott

*Dear Daddy, 
I love you. You make me happy because you play with me. You are great because you built a pirate ship for us to play on.
I like to play planes with you. Sometimes you let us work with you planting and that is fun. Elijah likes racing with you. That's all. 
Simeon and Elijah
Simeon (6) and Elijah (2)

*Hi daddy, it's Michaela. I just wanted to check on you and tell you Happy Father's Day! It takes a special dad to know exactly what I like, 
the things I like to do and the places I like to go. I love to help you water the pigs and check the cows. I love when we are silly and sing our
favorite songs on the radio. You are teaching me so many things and that's what I love best. You really are the best daddy a girl
could ask for!
5 Years
 P.S. I love you to the heavens and back!
*Daddy I know im 26. But I will always love you the same.  Your not only my dad but my hero and hunting and fishing buddy. You have scared me in Nov when
you fell out of the tree stand and when you just had your motorcycle accident.  But I wool always take care of you.  You are my rock and you protect me now its my turn. I have the best dad in the world.

Love Tabitha


Dear Dad (Jeff McCallon),

I love you so much. No matter what you are always the best dad ever. You can fix anything. I want to grow up and fix things like you. I like
 it when we go fishing together and catch frogs. You are always there for me like getting me water at baseball practice. I will always remember
 our song.. me and my buddy. I hope you have the best fathers day ever because you deserve it. Best buddies for life! Thank you for being my daddy. 

Kaleb McCallon
7 years old
I have the Best Daddy in the whole world.  His name is Michael Kornbrust, but most people call him “LUM”.
 He has had cancer for over two years.  He still goes to work every day whether he feels good or not.  The chemo makes him really sick sometimes.
 He takes me and my two sisters to our ballgames, track meets, fishing and hunting. He also does woodworking in his garage and makes my Mommy a lot of nice stuff.  He sells it sometimes.
 He is a very strong and positive Daddy and goes and prays to GOD to let him stay with all of us.  I am the luckiest boy to have such a Great Daddy that loves me so much and I love him to the moon an back.
 My name is Jace Aiden Kornbrust and I am 8 years old and live in Brookfield, MO.
 I am sending this from my “Nonnie’s” email cause I want my Daddy to be surprised if he wins cause he listens to your radio station KRLI every day.  Thank you
I am writing a long with my daughter to nominate my husband and her step father for the Father’s Day Contest.  About 2 years ago I had a near fatal car accident.
I went through the back windshield of my car while talking to my husband on the phone.  He left his job site due to being a Boiler Maker he works out of town a lot.
I woke up not knowing who he was due to a TBI. He stayed beside me and help my daughter and I move on from that tragic event. Through out the years we have
been together he had been a blessing to her and I. He practices softball with her, they fish together as well as hunting.  He is helping me raise a beautiful young lady
and never asked for anything in return.  He’s not her natural father but someone had a hand in making our family complete.  My daughter’s step father is Cliff Noah. Thank you Beth_Noah
Dear Daddy,  I think you are the best daddy in the world.  I love riding with my daddy in the tractor because  I bring my I pod and he helps me play the games.  He waits in the garage with me while I wait for the bus to pick up for school everyday.  He does a softer job brushing my hair in the mornings than my mommy.  He helps me feed my bottle calf in the mornings.  My dad is very hard working farmer that teaches me a lot about animals and tractors.  Most of all my daddy tucks me in bed and gives me a hug and kiss every night.  I love my daddy!!!     Karsyn Kleeman (7)  Kade Kleeman (4)
Brandon Schuchmann,
Our dad is the best because he takes us camping and gives away his money to get my little brother and I cool stuff!  He can do anything, he just built mom a flag pole.
He is a great sportsman and teaches us how to hunt and fish.  He’s the BEST shot I know!  We all love you dad!!
Love, Rodney (age 7) & Rex  (age 3)
Dear dad ( Steve Davis )

Anybody that knows you knows you'll do anything for anybody. You have been there for me from helping with mowing my yard to watching my
 boys because to a single mom, that means so much. It's so great watching you listen to the boys read library books and helping them build
 pinewood didn't cars. I just wanted you to know how much I love you and appreciate everything you do. 
Love Kayce

My dad is the best dad in the world!! He loves me and my brother very much. He spends lots of time with us and we love to go hunting and 
fishing together. We also have fun working on old John Deere tractors together. He makes us laugh with all of his goofy jokes! He works
 so hard to take care of us and always puts us before everything else. I would love to show him how much he means to us by being able to 
take him to Branson!! Please choose him to win the Father's Day contest!! Thank you, Rylie age 12
I love you Dad.
You are a great Dad.
Thanks for being my right had Dad.
Thanks for God letting you adopt me.
Thank you for taking me to church every week.
Keith Herring age 14
I want to thank my father (David Auer) for being my dad, my teacher/ guide and my friend!!  You have taught me so many things in life; from growing up on the farm with life’s ups and downs and always having a positive attitude in life.  You are always thankful for another day no matter how bad your back hurts or how rough of a day the farm can sometimes be.  I am so thankful to have you for my dad and for you to be a role model for my children.  The boys love you and appreciate the time they spend with you and Mal when I am at work.   We all love you and we are thankful to have you in our lives.  We couldn’t have picked a better guy if we tried!   Thanks again!  I love you dad!   Justina
I want to tell you about my Stepdad, Dave. He is a firefighter and has been for almost 20 years! He is not only my hero but other peoples hero too! He loves going to church. He even got me my first bible! He loves to go hunting. He says I can go with him to hunt but  I am not too sure about that yet. I remember the day he married my mom and became my stepdad. I was so happy. He has been there for our family through the good and bad times. When my mom got very sick 4 years ago he has been by her side every minute. He has done everything for her and for me. He has made sure I got to all of my school stuff and girl scouts. I do not know what we would have done without him. I am so happy that mom is doing better now and we can have fun again. He deserves a recliner more than anyone I know. It would be his special chair.
I love you Dave and I am so glad you are my stepdad.
Lanie (11)
My dad is the best dad in the world!! He loves me and my brother very much. He spends lots of time with us and we love to go hunting and fishing together. We also have fun working on old John Deere tractors together. He makes us laugh with all of his goofy jokes! He works so hard to take care of us and always puts us before everything else. I would love to show him how much he means to us by being able to take him to Branson!! Please choose him to win the Father’s Day contest!! Thank you, Rylie age 12
What does one say about the perfect mate and Father? This man has put his family first most for a total of 59 years this September. Virgil worked until he was 69 years old in the dirty profession of implement mechanic(days when his bones were aching) so his family would continue to have medical coverage.  He never asks or expects special treatment, fancy meals, or extravagant presents, just the harmony of his family on special days. Virgil will be 84 years old on June 19 and a wonderful Father there never could be!


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