Council Covers Many Topics, Makes Few Decisions

| September 4, 2013
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The Town Council of Carrollton covered a wide-range of topics at their meeting on Tuesday night.  The city is considering a partnership with Bartlett and West for a new mapping system.  City officials heard a presentation on the company’s GPS/GIS program.  The technology is designed to show city employees the locations of water and sewer lines, telephone poles, and other buried wires.  The system would take information from each city department and apply it to a single map.  Council members agreed the technology was necessary, but did not make a decision at Tuesday’s meeting.  They plan to review pricing options and make a final ruling on the matter at a future meeting.  The system is expected to cost the city about $1,300 for initial licensing fees and approximately $2,500 for an annual subscription.

In other news, council accepted a bid from Smith Fertilizer for Geomelt, which is simply sugar beet juice.  It is used on roadways to aid in the removal of snow and ice.  The city saved money on the product because they were able to obtain their own storage containers.  Smith Fertilizer will deliver the Geomelt for $1.50 per gallon.

In the Mayor’s report, Bryan Mathis said the 2013 Ford truck, which was recently purchased for $36,000 dollars was, yet again, not equipped to handle certain accessories.  Although it was not an item on the agenda, council voted unanimously to authorize the purchases associated with outfitting the vehicle with a snow plow connection.  In all, the city is expected to spend about $6,300 dollars on additional equipment for truck.  The city had originally budgeted about $40,000 for the entire vehicle purchase.

In a report by Councilman Frank Olvera (Ward III), the city has been looking at raising water rates for sometime, but they have not been able to justify the increase because the utility department cannot account for 40 to 48 % of its annual water supply.  He said the Public Works Department is looking into the issue and he maintains that water rates will have to increase in the near future.

An additional item of business discussed at Tuesday night’s meeting was the appointment of Bob Nolte to the Police Board.  Nolte will take the seat of Jeff Lock, who recently resigned.  In related news, Councilman Everett Shields (Ward IV) said the Police Board has received “very good” applicants for Chief of Police.  Former officer Donnie King was terminated following the Aug. 19 council meeting.  No reason has been given as to why King was fired.  According to Missouri Statute, the city is not obligated to release that information.  The city has also made no mention of when they expect to fill King’s position.

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