Council moves toward adoption of international construction codes

| August 22, 2017
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CARROLLTON, MO – A meeting of the Carrollton city council took action on a number of measures Monday evening, August 21.

Carrollton city codes will be updated January 1, 2018 to reflect changes adopting the international building codes.  Council members approved moving forward with the implementation of several, separate codes all relating to construction and pertaining to gas and fuel, electrical, fire, plumbing, property maintenance, and more.  One expected benefit from code implementation is the inspection service provided to citizens.  Fees for permits would pay for the services of an inspector, with permits being required per job.  A significant portion of the meeting centered on discussion of what the action would mean for builders and contractors. Some council members pointed out that Carrollton was one of the few cities in the area that does not require adherence to the international codes.

Dissension was heard from members of the public who made unscheduled comments, which included questions regarding permit fees.  Some noted the lack of construction projects in the city may not warrant a full time inspector.  Among those dissenting was Councilman Bartlett, who was unsure the city could meet expectations with regard to enforcement and implementation.  Bartlett voted against adoption, but was outvoted by the two other council members present.

The results of the special August election were accepted by council, which included the passage of a sales tax for the purpose of street maintenance.

Property tax rates were set for the city at 1.4675%.  This represents an increase from last year due to a difference in property valuation.

Reports from the Mayor and Council:


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