Ethanol Provides Price Relief at The Pump

| September 17, 2013
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While ethanol shows its positives, making it easy to pay at the pump, AAA says that these gas prices are here to stay. Bob Dinneen, President and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association says that gas is now over $3/gallon and is most likely going to continue to rise, all the while ethanol is a sustainable tool that could help lower gas prices at the pump. Renewable fuels are plentiful and if Big Oil Companies would actually allow E-15 and other high level blends, gas would be cheaper estimating that E-15 is 10 to 15 cents cheaper on average than regular. In 2011 ethanol saved drivers $1.09/gallon and an average of $1,200/year. As of last Sunday, E-15 became available again for vehicles year 2001 and up. E85, which is also available for flex fuel vehicles has been reported to beĀ as low as $2.39 in Saint Ansgar, Iowa.

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