Filing Complete for April Election

| January 18, 2013
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Below is a list of area candidates for both city and board of education positions.  Cities are listed in alphabetical order and will be updated as more offices report their lists to the newsroom.


Board of Education:

Thomas Huffmon

Rhonda Painter

Donna Forrest


Board of Education:Member candidates who will serve three year terms.  Choose two.

Kristi Moore

Larry Shoe

Crystal L. (Gorham) Phipps

Mindy Tuck

Gloria Leamer

Director who will serve a one year term.  Choose one.

Terry Parker

Rachel Hunt

Rhonda James

Michelle Haughton


Board of Education: (Vote for two)

Jim McIntyre

Darin Bodine

Michael Sattman


Board of Education:

Gerri Huffman Lewis

Joanie Kahler

Mark Buie


City Council:

Mayor – Chuck Haney

City Constable – Richard L. Knouse

City Clerk – Rozanne Frampton

City Auditor – Theresa Gatson Kelly

Ward 1 – Reed Dupy

Ward 2 – Wayne D. Cunningham

Ward 3 – Tom Douglas

Ward 4 – Paul Howard

Councilman-at-large – David Moore

Board of Education:

Robin Westphal

Robin Quinn


Board of Education (Vote for two):

James Wollard

Mike McNelly

Linda Craven

Stacy Nolker

Kent Wheeler

Jane Weisz


Board of Alderman:

Ward 1 – Scott Rhoad

Ward 2 – Kalani Rankin

Ward 3 – Jeff Wallace (2 year term)

Genny Fleischmann (1 year term)


Board of Education (Vote for two):

Gayle Pearman

Jason Wilhoit

Daren Neidholdt


City Council:

Ward 1 – Justin Petray

Ward 2 – Michael J. Kramer

Ward 3 – William (Bill) S. Miller, Jeffery Norris

Ward 4 – Karl (K.C.) Girtch

Board of Education: (Vote for two to serve three year terms)

Steve Kaullen

Mary Kate Alkire

Scott C. Hamilton

Timothy Dougherty

Charles Hollingsworth


City Council:

Ward 1 – Steven Mills

Barb Utlaut

Ward 2 – Gabe Ramsey

Ward 3 – Sam Moten

Ward 4 – Tom Hagedorn

Board of Education: (vote for two)

Kathy Green

Mike Mills

John Allen, Jr.


Board of Education:

William Allen Hayes

Terry Watts


Board of Education:

Mary Patty

Stacie Russell

Kara Newham

Oak Grove:

Board of Education (vote for two):

Greg Latshaw

Eric Brinegar

Montie Tripp


Board of Aldermen:

Ward 1 – John Carmody

Ward 2 – Adam Couch

Ward 3- David Sparks

Board of Education: (Vote for two)

Mike Alumbaugh

Henry L. Grubb

Brian Madsen


Board of Education: (vote for two)

Tom Williamson

Jeffrey McWilliams

Billy Gaines

April Maulsby

Rosita J. Dial

Dr. John E. Scowley

Chris Minnick


Board of Education (Choose two for three year terms):

Scott Stefankiewicz

Greg Green

Ron Scheiderer

Brent Wilkey

Regina Boss


Board of Education: (Two open positions)

David Wolf

Diana Nichols

City Council:

1st Ward – Jo Lynn Turley

2nd Ward – Becca LaStrada

3rd Ward – Bob Cross

4th Ward – Kenneth W. Norton

Larry Stevenson


Board of Education: (vote for two)

Darla Arni

Joey Gochenour

Caleb Jordan

Sweet Springs:

Board of Adlerman:

Ward 1 – Wyatt Lea

Ward 2 – Dee Friel

Board of Education: (vote for two)

Donald Boland

Bruce Hoyes

Marc Johnson

Doug Loges

Alan Zimmerschied


Board of Education:  (Two available seats for three year terms)

Morris L. Collins

Rick Miller

Kathryn McCormick


Board of Alderman:

Alderman at large (Vote for two):

A. Kent Rogge

Richard Rukavine

Keith Portell

Board of Education (Vote for Two):

Jeff Beckemeyer

Rheanna Todd

Cheryl Dickey

Dave Russell

Anthony Rukavina


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