The Great Flood of 1993 is the subject of a recently-published book.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Author Kenneth Kieser:

Kenneth Kieser

Kieser grew up in the Missouri River Basin area, and was working as a journalist when the waters began to rise.  He was a on the Board of Directors for the Outdoor Writers Association of America when a conservation group in Washington, D.C. asked him to photograph the damage for Congress.

“I was raised throughout the Missouri River Basin…and I always had a passion for it.  So it was kind of a natural for me to do the photos, and do the work, and write the book,” said Kieser.

He kept the prints, and they held their integrity for 20 years.  He calls his role as a photographer a labor of love. “The hard part about it was seeing places I loved and had been around all my life flooded.  We would float up in a boat to these places, and just absolutely everybody in the boat would be silent because , well, it was like at a graveyard.  Or looking at a grave of someone you loved,” said Kieser, “It was a very sad and very, very tough experience. So writing this book, of course to me, is saving a history.”

Missouri’s Great Flood of 1993 contains stories from around the area, including a chapter on the Hardin Cemetery disaster.  “We have a lot of people here who did a lot of extraordinary things to rescue vaults, caskets, and bodies that were literally sucked out of the ground.  And my book is full of heroism and things people did that really, really showed the best of American spirit,” said Kieser.

Instructions on purchasing the book can be found here.

KMZU News will be airing special coverage of the 20th anniversary of the Great Flood of 1993 throughout the month of July.  Listen in every Monday to hear these stories.