Halloween Safety Tips

| October 29, 2012
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The streets will be buzzing with trick-or-treaters Wednesday evening.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to University of Missouri Extension Human Development Specialist Jessica Trussell:

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“Really when it comes down to purchasing a halloween costume for kids, the things you want to think about in regards to safety are can it be seen in the dark and does it have reflective tape,” said Trussell,” It’s also important for it to be flame resistant.”

Trussell said the safety precautions need to continue at the end of the evening.  “We always recommend that parents inspect all of the treats before kids are allowed to eat them,” said Trussell,” If they happen to get fruit, go ahead and cut it up.  It’s just better to take these safety precautions.”

Press Release:

The leaves are falling, pumpkins are decorated, and Halloween is on the minds of children everywhere. Children are now in the school routine and most children look forward to the Halloween holiday. If your daughter has already decided that she is going to be Hannah Montana, and your son has decided he is going to be one of the X-Men, then you are on your way to a successful Halloween. For other children, the biggest question is “What am I going to be this year for Halloween?”
For parents, this means looking online, searching stores, and rummaging through closets to find the perfect costume for your little ghoul or ghoul-ette! As you traverse through your options, be sure to keep the following safety tips in mind:
  • If purchasing a costume, or making your own, make sure that the fabric is flame resistant.
  • As it is often cold (and rainy) in Missouri on Halloween, make sure that the clothing is loose enough to wear an extra layer without it being too loose that it can snag on porch stairs and pumpkins.
  • Have your child try on the costume a few days before Halloween and wear it around the house. If the costume is too long, hem it so that your child will not fall. Children should also wear well-fitting shoes. Young girl + mom’s high heels = Halloween disaster! According to the National Safety Council, falls are the leading cause of accidental injury on Halloween.
  • Costumes should be made with light colored material to be better visible at night. If the costume needs to be made out of dark fabric (a vampire in white, might not do the trick!), purchase reflective tape and put it on the front and back of the costume. Also, do not forget to put it on the treat bag as well.
  • Wigs and beards should fit properly. Masks should not obstruct vision and should have openings for the nose and mouth.
  • If it is possible to use makeup instead of a mask, make sure the makeup is non-toxic. Some makeup recipes are included.
  • Knives, swords, or other weapons should be made from flexible materials or cardboard.
  • Sew a name tag inside your child’s costume with their name, address, and phone number in case a child wanders from a familiar neighborhood.
  • When you return for the evenings activities, make sure to thoroughly inspect all treats. Make sure that candy is in the original wrapper, cut fruit into small pieces, and when in doubt, throw it out!
Motorists can also help trick-or-treaters stay safe by following four simple safety tips:
  • Watch for children running from between parked cars.
  • Watch for children walking in the street and on curbs.
  • Enter and exit drive ways carefully.
  • Watch for children in dark clothing.
Hopefully, with some early preparation, your Halloween will be spooktacular and safe!
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