High Speed Chase In Clay and Ray Counties

| February 21, 2014
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According to the Clay County Sheriff’s Department a suspect driving a gold colored Nissan sedan was finally arrested this morning after leading multiple law enforcement agencies in a high speed chase through parts of Clay and Ray counties. The information is still pending but what KMZU is able to report is that the suspect was being pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Clay County and then preceded to attempt to flee. The driver drove through parts of Liberty including driving northbound in the southbound lanes on highway 291 before merging onto highway 210. The driver managed to lead police into Ray County on 210 before turning around and heading back towards clay. The officers diverted traffic and laid out spike strips that the driver managed to steer around before finally having a tire punctured near the intersection of highway 210 and JJ. The officers were then led to a foot chase after the suspect fled from his vehicle. Officers tazered the individual and placed him under arrest and a passenger in the vehicle.  The investigation is ongoing.


A note of thanks to KMZU loyal listeners for alerting KMZU on the chase.



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