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(Hale High School)

CARROLLTON, Mo.- The KRLI Sports 5th Quarter “Show-Me Standout” public poll for Week 5 turned out to be a battle of the small-schools as Hale/Bosworth Cardinals faithful and the Tina-Avalon Dragon faithful carried their student-athletes to victory.

The freshman front-court standout for the Hale/Bosworth Cardinals won week 5’s version of the public poll. Jaeden Sears totaled 584 of the 1,119 votes in a little over four days.   He was nominated by Coach Berger for putting up 13 points five rebounds vs. Northwestern and 11 points 13 rebounds vs. Tina-Avalon.

Another freshman came out on top this time in the girl’s public poll. Haley Rucker of the Tina-Avalon Lady Dragons has came on strong this season as she develops according to Coach Hansen. Rucker was able to garner 3,070 of the 4,830 votes last week. In important conference matchups, Rucker put up 17 points vs. Hale/Bosworth and 12 points vs. Southwest.

(Tina-Avalon High School)


# of votes
Jaeden Sears, Hale/Bosworth584
Jose Alicea, St. Paul Lutheran266
Jaxon Althaus, Oak Grove164
Wade Spilman, Higbee31
Blake Dawson, Fayette28
Ethan Kilgore, East Buchanan23
Cameron Kelly, Concordia11
Max Schroeder, Macon10
Bailey Lyons, New Franklin2


# of votes
Haley Rucker, Tina-Avalon3,070
Madison Brown, Norborne1,545
Taylor Wagner, Polo157
Jessica Sader, Knob Noster39
Sadie Limback, Santa Fe10
Alyssa Morris, Odessa9