Legislation Waits For Spring Break To End

| March 20, 2014
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The first Senate measure, from this legislative session, is signed into law.

Senator Ryan Silvey of Kansas City sponsors Senate Bill 668, which will require health benefit plans to establish equal out-of-pocket costs for covered oral and intravenously administered chemotherapy medications…

“If you’re going to provide chemotherapy coverage, you have to provide oral and intravenous chemotherapy coverage to the same cost to the consumer.”

Other measures, meanwhile, continue to be debated.

Senate Minority Floor Leader Jolie Justus of Kansas City says progress continues on Senate Bill 491, which would modify provisions relating to criminal law…

“We’re reaching out, obviously, to the governor and to — you know — the attorney general to see what their thoughts are. It may not surprise you that they’re not always forthcoming on any piece of legislation, including this one.”

Missouri senators will return to Jefferson City on Monday.

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