Lightning Strike Causes Fire

| October 13, 2012
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A home in Warrensburg received moderate damage during a  Saturday afternoon fire.  According to Fire Chief Phil Johnston, the blaze at the residence, located on Country Ridge Drive, was caused by a lightning strike.  The blaze caused damage to electrical wiring and propane gas piping in the basement of the home.  The homeowner was able to turn off the propane supply at the tank and maintain control of the fire.  No injuries were reported.

Press Release:

At 12:22 pm today, Saturday, October 13, the Warrensburg Fire Department responded to a structure fire at 1910 Country Ridge Drive in southeast Warrensburg.  This fire resulted from a lightning strike in the immediate vicinity of the dwelling.

Firefighters responded with two fire engines, one aerial ladder truck, one battalion chief command vehicle , and three staff vehicles.  Units from the Warrensburg Police Department and Johnson County Ambulance District also responded.

The fire that resulted from the lightning strike caused damage to electrical wiring and propane gas piping in the finished basement.  After discovering the fire, the male occupant of the dwelling turned off the propane supply at the tank and then extinguished the visible fire.  Fire crews spent the majority of their time at the scene ensuring that the fire was out and identifying the facts assocaited with the fire’s cause and spread.

The fire damage was much less than what could have occurred because the occupants were home when the lightning strike occurred, they discovered the fire promptly, action was taken quickly to report the fire, and their efforts to control the fire were successful.

A referral has been made to the Building Regulations Division of the City’s Community Development Department due to the damage to the wiring and propane wiring.

Lightning strikes to dwellings or other structures have the capacity to cause serious electrical system damage and often ignite fires.  Fortunately, this home was not extensively damaged by fire or smoke, but repairs will need to be made before the dwelling will be habitable due to the damage to the electrical and gas components.


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