Livingston Co. Scam

| June 19, 2013
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A Livingston County resident was recently scammed out of about $1,500 dollars. The Sheriff’s Office is investigating, and encourages others to be wary of telephone offers.

The victim was reportedly told they had won a large sum of money from a foreign country, and had to wire money for process to get started. The criminals also requested an additional $5,000, but never received additional funds from this victim.

Press Release from the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office

On June 17 our office began investigating a report of fraud where a rural resident was scammed out of $1,550 dollars. The scammer somehow convinced our citizen they had won a large sum of money from a foreign country and needed to wire them money to get the process started. The criminals requested an additional $5,000 be wired to them and unsuccessful attempts were made to complete this transaction. Fortunately the scammers did not receive additional money from this victim.

The best practice if you receive these emails, postal delivery, or even telephone calls is to ignore it. These people will continue harassing you until they get the last possible dime from you and will never deliver any money, goods, or show up to pickup a purchase.

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