Marshall Chooses Location for Expansion

| July 1, 2013
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The Marshall Board of Education has selected the location for future district expansion.  Board members approved the purchase of 12 acres of land at the corner of Lincoln and Watermill Road for an estimated $205,000 during a special meeting and executive session on Friday.  The agreement allows the district to purchase adjoining property over the next four years.  An extra 58 acres are available.  The price tag on the entire deal is $820,000.

“I am excited for the community of Marshall to begin the process of looking towards the future of eduction in the Marshall Public Schools,” Superintendent Ryan Huff said in a news release.  “This is the first step in a journey that will culminate in many great opportunities for the students of Marshall.”  Board President Anita Wright added, “To me, this move is symbolic of the Board’s desire to see Marshall finally moving in the direction of adequate structures, in a campus setting, that will provide for the expansion and growth of a forward-looking education program.”

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