Middle of the Night Break-Ins Reported in Livingston County

| December 3, 2012
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Law enforcement officers in Livingston County are currently investigating two break-ins at area homes.  Sheriff Steve Cox said the manner in which they were done make them a bit unusual.  “We had a residential burglary outside of Chillicothe that we’re sure involved the same people as one inside of town,” said Cox,” Recently, they went into both houses in the middle of the night while both were occupied.  They took certain electronic devices and left.  They left the doors open and everything else.”

Cox said one simple mistake was made by the homeowners.  “I don’t think anybody had their doors locked,” said Cox,” I think it’s a hard way to get an education.  You know, when somebody burglarizes your home, that’s your castle and your private area.  It forever changes your home, your apartment, whatever the case may be.  This is true rather you’re home or not.  It’s even more dangerous if you are home because the risk of personal assault or injury is significantly enhanced.”

According to Cox, there are leads in the cases, but no arrests have been made.

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