Monument Location Battle Continues

| April 24, 2013
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Judge George Washington Dunn
Photo courtesy of the Ray County Genealogical Association

The Judge George Washington Dunn Memorial Monument had sat at its location in the 300 block of Dunns Lane since 1893.  Mark and Amanda Guy filed to have it moved approximately twelve yards in August of 2010, citing the monument’s interference with “use and enjoyment of their property.”

In November of that year, Judge Carey Thompson granted the Guy family permission to have the Judge Dunn Monument moved, with immunity from all liability.

In November of 2011, Kayce Duran, of Richmond, filed papers to have the monument restored to its original location.  Duran claims the original location was that of the Dunn family cemetery.  She has also stated that she is a decendent of the late Judge George Washington Dunn, and therefore should have been included in the original court proceedings.

In November 2012, Judge Thompson granted Duran permisson to perform radar testing of the property, in order to determine if members of the Dunn family are buried at the location.

A hearing on the matter was originally scheduled for Thursday morning at 9:00.  At the request of all parties, it was continued to June 3rd at 11:00.

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