Name change considered for Chillicothe golf course

| February 13, 2018
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CHILLICOTHE, MO – The Green Hills golf course may soon be known by a different name.

Chillicothe Council members heard a proposal Monday evening from Josh Black with Great Life Golf and Fitness which provides single management for at least 18 golf courses in western Missouri. Black asked council members for city funds to re-brand the course using the Jerry Litton family name.  Black believes the name change would result in growth for the golf course, which uses land that belonged to the Littons.  Some council members were concerned that interested stakeholders had not had the opportunity to voice opinions on the matter.   One opinion held by council members was that the $2,500 requested was both, not enough for re-branding purposes, and could be better spent. Councilman at large Reed Dupy made both arguments, saying the money could be used for salaries instead.  One golfer at the meeting said the money should be used for maintenance of the course. The issue was tabled until the next meeting of the council, by which time, it is hoped, the opinions of those concerned can be heard.

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