New Soybean Disease in Missouri

| July 23, 2013
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This year, watch for soybean vein necrosis virus a new disease. This is a virus that affects soybean plants leaves as reported by Dr. Laura Sweets, Commercial Agriculture Program Plant Pathologist at the University of Missouri during last week’s pest management meeting at the Bradford Farm Research Center.
Dr. Sweets made trip across northern counties of Missouri last year and in every field she examined she found this virus. Since it is a virus, a fungicide treatment will not control this problem.
Symptoms begin with light green to yellow patches near the leaf veins which enlarge and become brown. The leaf veins become clear, yellow or dark brown. This disease can be confused with other diseases.
Currently, there are not any control recommendations for this disease and there are no known sources of resistance. The impact of this disease on soybean yield is being studied by pathologists in the Midwest.
For more information, contact Wayne Flanary at 660-446-3724, Heather Benedict at 660-425-6434 or Wyatt Miller at 816-776-6961, Regional Agronomists, University of Missouri Extension.

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