NEWSMAKER — Local 4-Hers share their experiences and love for 4-H with KMZU

| October 12, 2018
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MISSOURI — This week on KMZU, we have been celebrating National 4-H Week. We have heard from 4-H leaders and program coordinators. In 4-H, though, the kids are the real stars of the show.

KMZU has spoken with six area 4-H members about their experiences with 4-H. Click below to hear Friday’s full KMZU Newsmaker and find audio clips from each of the kids involved below.



Scarlet Miller, Happy Hustlers 4-H Club in Carrollton

Scarlett Miller is a first year 4-Her who is a member of the Happy Hustlers 4-H Club in Carrollton. She is new to 4-H, but excited to get involved in a number of projects.


Scarlett shared that to her, 4-H is a great way to form friendships and learn new things.


McKayla Miller, Happy Hustlers 4-H Club in Carrollton

McKayla Miller is a second year member of the Happy Hustlers 4-H Club in Carrollton. She says she has a few favorite activities in 4-H.


That’s not all McKayla does with 4-H, though, and she now has a few accomplishments to her name.


Macy Remington, Chilhowee Indians 4-H Club

Macy Remington, treasurer of the Chilhowee Indians 4-H Club, says that her job as treasurer is preparing her to maintain her own finances later in life.


While 4-H teaches her valuable life skills, Macy says that it is not all work with no play.


Courtney, South Eagle 4-H Club in Brookfield

Courtney is a member of the Brookfield South Eagle 4-H Club, and she shared a few of her favorite activities with KMZU.


What is Courtney’s favorite project? I’ll give you a hint – it involves animals. It’s not all about the projects, though.


Kelsey Sparks, South Eagle 4-H Club in Brookfield

Kelsey Sparks is a first year member of the South Eagle 4-H Club in Brookfield, who says that her whole family gets involved with her 4-H club.


Kelsey went on to say that she has a plethora of interest areas she is honing in on as a member of the South Eagle 4-H Club.


Kale Garland, Cloverleaf 4-H Club in Wellington-Napoleon

Kale Garland, a member of Cloverleaf 4-H club in Wellington-Napoleon, says he has a number of interests 4-H is helping him learn more about.


Kale says that 4-H is different from other programs, which some may find comparable, and offers an economic opportunity as well.

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