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Donn & Judy’s 40th Anniversary and Wedding day for daughter Moriah and Grant at Blue Diamond Playa del Carmen on Mexican Carribean Sea. May 7, 2017.

Donn says “Go Royals”!!

Donn Emis returned to KMZU/KAOL in March of 2010 as Sports Director and came to Carrollton in part to spearhead the process of launching 1430 Sports KAOL as an all-sports station.With KAOL up and running Donn moved into an afternoon role on KMZU for several years. In 2013 he returned to mornings, a gig he had held on The Farm from 1988-1994. Donn keeps you company weekdays from 6 until Noon. Donn is glad to be back in the area where he grew up (Corder, MO and a Lafayette County-Higginsville High School graduate)…after being in Northwest Arkansas since 1998. Donn has been married to Judy (for 40 years) and has 3 daughters (Krista, Erin and Moriah & Son-In-Law Grant) and one granddaughter (Jadyn).  His Mom (Dorothy Emis) still lives in Corder.


“Bird Is The Word” Week  (Bird Trivia)

MONDAY 2/12/18

Which bird lays the smallest eggs?

(Bee Hummingbird-each egg weighs 0.02 oz)

TUESDAY 2/13/18

The biggest egg laid by a bird weighs 3 lbs.  Which bird lays it?

(Ostrich-it’s 7″ x 5″)


Which birds “pair” together for a lifetime?  Some stay together for over 50 years.


THURSDAY 2/15/18

Which bird can soar as long as 6 hours…without moving it’s wings?

(Albatross-the Wandering Albatross has a wingspan of 11.8 feet)

FRIDAY 2/16/18

Which group of birds is called “murder” or a “congress”?




















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