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Donn on the air March 2011

Donn on the air March 2011

Donn Emis returned to KMZU/KAOL in March of 2010 as Sports Director and came to Carrollton in part to spearhead the process of launching 1430 Sports KAOL as an all-sports station.With KAOL up and running Donn moved into an afternoon role on KMZU for several years. In 2013 he returned to mornings, a gig he had held on The Farm from 1988-1994. Donn keeps you company weekdays from 6 until 10 a.m. Donn is glad to be back in the area where he grew up (Corder, MO and a Higginsville High School graduate)…after being in Northwest Arkansas since 1998. Donn has been married to Judy (for 37 years) and has 3 daughters (Krista, Erin and Moriah) and one granddaughter (Jadyn).  His parents (Glenn and Dorothy Emis) still live in Corder.


(“Peanut Butter” Week) (National Peanut Butter Month)

MONDAY 11/17/14

Proctor & Gamble entered the Peanut Butter business in 1958…introducing what?

(Jif Peanut Butter)

TUESDAY 11/18/14

2 Peanut Farmers have been elected U.S. President.  One was Jimmy Carter.  Who was the other one?

(Thomas Jefferson)

WEDNESDAY 11/19/14

Which airline purchased over 69 million packs of peanuts for their passengers in 2013?

(Delta Airlines)

THURSDAY 11/20/14

Which brand of Peanut Butter first offered Chunky Peanut Butter?


FRIDAY 11/21/14

A Huffington Post Survey earlier this year asked what’s the best jelly or jam with peanut butter on a sandwich.  Which one got the highest percentage?

(Strawberry Jam-36%.  Grape Jelly-31%)



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