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**All results are unofficial until certified by local/state election officials.**

Precincts Reporting1414
Ray County Circuit Clerk - RepublicanVotes
Kim Oyler-Hook2375
Ray County Treasurer - DemocratVotes
Melissa Holloway  2307
Ray County Recorder of Deeds - DemocratVotes
Shirley O'Dell          2357
Ray County Collector of Revenue - DemocratVotes
Julie Chowning      2320
Ray County County Clerk - RepublicanVotes
Glenda Powell       2492
Ray County County Clerk - DemocratVotes
Kristen Minnick                                 2279
Ray County Presiding Commissioner - RepublicanVotes
Gary Wilhite                                       2292
Ray County Presiding Commissioner - DemocratVotes
Bob King                2400
Ray County Prosecuting Attorney - RepublicanVotes
Camille Johnston  2399
Ray County Prosecuting Attorney - DemocratVotes
John Parker            2083
Ray County Associate Court Judge - District 8Votes
Lori Baskins2272
Ray County Circuit Court Judge - District 8Votes
Kevin Walden2354