Power Restored To Carrollton After Power Line Failure

| February 19, 2014
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This morning at approximately 4:30am a power line fell to the ground in front of the McDonald’s in Carrollton sending sparks flying and causing a hazardous situation. Carrollton Municipal Utilities Director Jim Paul told KMZU news that the line fell entangling itself with another line causing the sparks. Utility crews were called to the scene and had to shut the power off to the line which subsequently had to shut the power to other areas of the town causing a blackout in areas. Power was restored by 6:20 this morning and the line was removed from the scene.  Director Paul informed us that as time goes on more and more areas are beginning to see power and utility lines are being buried underground so that these occurrences of once or twice year can be resolved. The reason for the down power line is believed to have been a loose transformer connection due to weather and pesky squirrels.

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