JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — School administrators across Missouri are dealing with a major headache — the prospect of making up a slew of snow days due to an onslaught of Winter weather in the Show-Me state this year.

Photo Courtesy MSTA

Students in Missouri school districts are required to be in class receiving instruction 174 days per year.

Gov. Mike Parson signed a new law in July 2018 which would change that, giving school districts more flexibility as to how snow days are made up. The new law will require students to receive 1,044 hours of instruction for each school year, allowing districts the option of adding just a few minutes to each school day as needed to make up lost time.

That law, however, won’t take effect until the 2019-2020 school year, leaving district officials scrambling to figure out how this year’s snow days will be made up.

Some area districts have already missed more than ten days of school in the 2018-2019 school year.

According to the Missouri State Teachers Association, if a district misses ten days of class per year due to winter weather, eight of those days are required to be made up during the year. In the event classes are cancelled for 14 days, ten of those days are required to be made up.

Districts have the option of making up the days on holidays or tacking on additional days to the end of the school year.