Tag: Allegations

Nursing home assistant accused of stealing from former client

| November 21, 2017

A St. Joseph nursing home assistant has been charged in federal court with stealing bank account information from a client.

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New charges brought against defendant accused in victim’s suicide

| November 21, 2017

The defendant was a restaurant manager where the alleged victim worked, and is accused of stalking, assault and harassment.

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Drug and weapons charges filed after search in Boone county

| November 16, 2017

A St. Louis man was jailed on drug and weapons allegations in Boone County.

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Investigation of tech giant announced by Missouri Attorney General

| November 14, 2017

At a media conference Monday, Attorney General Josh Hawley said Missourians have a right to know how Google uses information.

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Child porn subject of allegations against Tina man

| November 9, 2017

According to court records, a warrant was served Wednesday to the defendant listing class B felony charges.

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Drug bust in Livingston County leads to arrests by deputies

| November 8, 2017

CHILLICOTHE, MO – A traffic stop by Livingston County officials resulted in the search of a vehicle, and seizure of drugs. An information release by Livingston County Sheriff’s Office says an eastbound vehicle was stopped by deputies November 3 after being clocked at 90 mph in a 65 mph zone. The vehicle was stopped near […]

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Brookfield search warrant yields small amount of meth and 2 arrests

| November 6, 2017

A Brookfield search warrant yielded 2 arrests and a small amount of meth at a home in the 100 block of W. Clayton St. on November 2.

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Fulton man faces drug charges after stop by Callaway County trooper

| November 5, 2017

A Fulton man is being held without bond on Callaway County drug allegations.

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Wheeling resident arrested for suspicion of theft

| October 27, 2017

The warrant, served at the 200 block of N. Sherman in Wheeling, also led to the recovery of most of the stolen items.

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