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Fayette resident scheduled for hearing in stalking case

| December 13, 2018

Prosecutors allege the defendant contributed to factors that led to a suicide death in late 2016.

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Stalking case developing for Fayette resident

| June 1, 2018

The court hopes a trial date will be established at a future hearing July 27.

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New charges brought against defendant accused in victim’s suicide

| November 21, 2017

The defendant was a restaurant manager where the alleged victim worked, and is accused of stalking, assault and harassment.

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Former restaurant manager accused of driving Glasgow teen to suicide has hearing pushed back

| August 23, 2017

Harley Branham faces an involuntary manslaughter charge for the December 21, 2016 suicide death of Glasgow High School Kenneth Suttner. She was slated to appear in a Howard County court room Wednesday, however a continuance was granted by a judge. She is scheduled to be back in court on November 29 for a preliminary hearing/trial setting.

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Dairy Queen manager arraigned on manslaughter charges

| February 14, 2017

The Dairy Queen manager accused of bullying an employee to the point of his suicide, is in court Monday morning.

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