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State Auditor provides assessment of Attorney General’s Office

| October 19, 2017

A Closeout Audit of the Attorney General’s Office in Missouri was conducted to assist with finding areas of improvement.

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Lexington audit reveals financial instability and lack of oversight

| October 5, 2017

The citizen-requested audit comes as Lexington is trying to find ways to keep revenue.

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Presentation to be made by law enforcement at Lexington meeting

| October 4, 2017

Sure to be discussed, is the potential financial implications of replacing the city police with County oversight.

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Higginsville Board of Aldermen set to convene Monday

| September 18, 2017

The meeting will get underway at the Higginsville City Hall at 6:00 p.m. Monday.

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Wastewater plant improvement to proceed in Carrollton

| July 18, 2017

A productive meeting of the Carrollton Council met Monday evening to approve action on six different measures.

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NEWSMAKER — State Senator Dan Hegeman explains budget, Real ID changes

| May 10, 2017

Senator Dan Hegeman represents Missouri’s 12th District in the State Senate. He joined this week’s KMZU Capitol Conversation.

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Meeting scheduled for Trenton City Council

| April 23, 2017

The Trenton City Council will hold a regularly scheduled meeting tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. in City Hall.

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Trenton Council meets Monday evening

| March 27, 2017

Council is expected to approve the city’s budget for fiscal year 2017-2018.

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Carroll county budget in good shape

| February 7, 2017

The biggest changes to this year’s budget will be for the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department.

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