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Caldwell County arrest precedes drug investigation

| December 17, 2018

Troopers made the stop in Caldwell County, taking the driver into custody after amphetamines were discovered in his possession.

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Francis John “Butch” Caldwell

| December 7, 2018

Lexington resident, Francis John “Butch” Caldwell, died Thursday, December 6, 2018.

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Weather Service extends Blizzard Warning in north Missouri

| November 24, 2018

Some area could see nine inches of snow, 45 mile per hour winds and white out conditions Sunday afternoon.

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UPDATE: Multiple road closures reported across Northwest Missouri

| October 10, 2018

A number of roads across the KMZU listening area are closed Wednesday due to flooding.

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Caution urged as flood waters encroach roadways

| October 9, 2018

A few roadways across the KMZU listening area have been impacted by water over the road Monday morning.

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Arrest warrants from multiple counties name Cameron man

| September 13, 2018

The subject was detained at Caldwell County in lieu of bond.

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Judge Chapman receives appointment to Court of Appeals

| August 31, 2018

The governor has picked a judge from Chillicothe to serve on the Missouri Court of Appeals for the Western District.

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Polo man arrested during traffic stop by troopers

| July 26, 2018

The driver was detained in Caldwell County for an investigation.

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UPDATE: Water main break affects Daviess and Caldwell Counties

| July 26, 2018

Areas affected by what is being called a major break Wednesday afternoon, include south Daviess County, into Caldwell County.

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