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Registered sex offender in Saline County accepts prison time

| February 16, 2019

Larry Wayne Powers, 52, of Slater, will served concurrent 25 and 4 year sentences for Sodomy and failing to properly register as a sex offender.

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Delayed sexual abuse hearing in Lafayette County to proceed Wednesday

| February 13, 2019

Timothy J. Williams faces a felony sexual abuse charge in Lafayette County.

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A molestation trial is delayed in Carroll County

| February 2, 2019

The child molestation trial of William R. Grimes, 35, of Carrollton, will be scheduled at a hearing next Friday in Carroll County.

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Two threats in one day at Belton Middle School

| February 1, 2019

Federal investigators are now assisting with the probe into threats made to the Belton Middle School Thursday.

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California man pleads not guilty in Cooper County drug case

| January 31, 2019

Zechariah Heryford, 37, of Galt, California, has pleaded not guilty to charges he transported 115 pounds of marijuana in Cooper County.

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Several motions filed in Saline County drug trafficking case

| January 31, 2019

The attorney for Santos Urban Jr., 41, of Redding California, filed several motions to limit the Saline County Prosecutors evidence for a drug trafficking charge.

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Warrensburg man pleads guilty to reduced charge

| January 30, 2019

pleaded guilty Monday to involuntary manslaughter in the death of Sabrina Shelton in June, 2018

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Surety allowed for California couple on drug charges in Saline County.

| January 26, 2019

Bond for Santos Urban, 41 and his wife Jennifer Urban, 35, of Redding California was not reduced but surety bond will be allowed in Saline County.

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Accused sex offender wants bond reduced in Shelby County.

| January 25, 2019

Loren Paul Wallace, 39, is charged over accusations that he molested a minor in 2014.

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