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Domestic violence case set for preliminary hearing in Linn County

| February 21, 2019

Marceline man attacks when confronted with drugs hidden in restroom of residence.

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Case continued for Lawson man accused of abusing kids

| February 15, 2019

The victims accused Gary M. Wyant, 32, of Lawson, of binding their hands and taping them in boxes as punishment.

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Weather delayed molestation case to be reviewed in Cass County

| February 14, 2019

A child molestation case cancelled by last weeks ice storm has been rescheduled in Cass County this morning.

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Molestation case concludes in Carroll County

| February 12, 2019

At a hearing Friday last week the defendant pleaded guilty to a class A misdemeanor, furnishing pornographic materials to a minor.

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Motions to be argued in Ray County child enticement case today

| February 8, 2019

Weather permitting, Patricia S. Smith, 36, of Richmond will appear for a motion hearing in Ray County this morning.

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Child abuse case before court in Daviess County

| February 5, 2019

The class D felony stipulates serious physical injury, and does not include any sexual contact.

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Two held, one sought on Livingston County child endangerment charges

| January 30, 2019

Livingston County has an active warrant for a third person charged over a Child Endangerment investigation in Chillicothe.

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Suspected child molester released on house arrest in Macon County.

| January 26, 2019

Cory James Scott, 20, of Laclede will be on 24 hour GPS monitoring and supervised while on house arrest for sodomy and child molestation in Macon County.

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Accused sex offender wants bond reduced in Shelby County.

| January 25, 2019

Loren Paul Wallace, 39, is charged over accusations that he molested a minor in 2014.

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