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Active warrant leads to drugs in Callaway County

| January 20, 2019

When deputies served a Callaway County warrant, the suspect, Shawn Buck, 20, of Kingdom City, was reportedly in possession of meth.

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Sedalia man in court over meth lab allegations

| January 3, 2019

A tip from a citizen led to the discovery an a meth lab reportedly operated by Robert Paul Bemiss, 28, of Sedalia.

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Columbia woman charged with trafficking disabled victim for sex

| August 23, 2018

A juvenile, nearly incapacitated by medical issues, was allegedly traded for drugs and money by a Columbia woman.

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Tampering with witness added to Holloway charges in Ray County

| May 16, 2018

An amended complaint was filed Monday, against a Camden woman charged with multiple counts of child abuse.

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Woman accuses Centralia man of rape

| March 16, 2018

A Centraila man was jailed Wednesday, after being accused of rape and sodomy.

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An armed suspect in Fulton has been captured

| December 31, 2017

A man sought for firing at a vehicle as it left an altercation in Fulton, was taken into custody late Saturday afternoon.

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Clinton County fired deputy over misconduct complaint

| September 9, 2017

A deputy in Clinton County has been discharged after allegations of misconduct with an inmate.

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Woman arrested for trespassing facing several Livingston County drug charges

| March 31, 2017

A trespassing complaint lead to felony drug charges in Chillicothe Wednesday night.

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U.S. files WTO complaint against China

| September 14, 2016

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative filed a claim against China in the World Trade Organization over market price supports for wheat, rice, and corn.

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