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Allegedly failing to stop at stop sign leads to arrest for suspected felony drug possession

| October 15, 2018

Failing to stop for a stop sign eventually led to a Boonville woman’s arrest for alleged felony drug possession.

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A crash and fire closed eastbound I-70 near Boonville

| October 12, 2018

A tanker hauling ethanol caught fire after a collision in Cooper County, just before 11:00 p.m. Thursday night.

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One man injured in Cooper County accident

| October 10, 2018

A Boonville resident was injured in an accident Wednesday morning.

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The Dollar General in Boonville was robbed Friday night.

| September 29, 2018

Two suspects were jailed after an armed robbery at the Dollar General in Boonville Friday night.

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Boonville teens arraigned for threatening man with a gun

| September 28, 2018

Cameron Comstock was 17 in March , when he threatened a man with a pistol in Boonville.

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Cooper County Blood Drive

| September 27, 2018 | 0 Comments

In Boonville at the Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel Please follow and like us:

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Man arrested in Cooper County for multiple felonies.

| September 25, 2018

He is held on $20,000 bond.

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$75,000 bond set for Boonville resident accused of drug possession

| September 25, 2018

Cameron Comstock was found in possession of meth, cocaine and marijuana by Boonville Police on Sunday.

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Attempted robbery suspect to appear in Cooper County courtroom

| September 18, 2018

The suspect, Elijah Carter, was reportedly detained by a citizen until law enforcement arrived on scene in July of this year.

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