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Motions to be argued in Ray County child enticement case today

| February 8, 2019

Weather permitting, Patricia S. Smith, 36, of Richmond will appear for a motion hearing in Ray County this morning.

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Mom bound over for death of infant in Chariton County

| October 27, 2018

Sarah M. Linegaugh, 20, of Rothville, will face a Chariton County Circuit Judge, after being bound over on a first degree murder charge.

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Murder case taken under advisement by Chariton County judge

| October 26, 2018

After arguments in the preliminary hearing about a woman accused of drowning her infant, the judge in Chariton County took the case under advisement.

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Appeals court vacates convictions in death of 3 month old child

| October 18, 2018

A husband who pleaded guilty to child abuse that killed his three month old daughter, will get a new trial after his wife’s conviction was overturned on appeal.

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Columbia woman pleads to reduced charges in daughters death

| October 13, 2018

Murder and kidnapping charges were reduced to manslaughter and child endangerment for Demetres Washington, 32, of Columbia.

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Exhibitors from Santa Fe and Chillicothe place first and second at Fair.

| August 12, 2018

Local teens take top spots in Market Barrow competition at the Missouri State Fair on Saturday.

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Preliminary hearing set for Rothville mother accused in death of infant

| July 25, 2018

A date for a preliminary hearing was set yesterday, for Sarah Linebaugh, 19, of Rothville, who is charged with suffocating her baby.

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Independence mother accused of allowing rape of two-year-old daughter

| July 18, 2018

Azzie Watson, 25 faces felony charges for incidents involving multiple men raping her two-year-old daughter, beginning in April 2018.

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New judge assigned to child enticement case in Ray County

| July 12, 2018

A trial was cancelled after a judge recused himself from a child endangerment case in Ray County.

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