Tag: Daviess-DeKalb Regional Jail

Child found on roof of home in Chillicothe

| September 27, 2018

The parent is facing child endangerment allegations after his child climbed onto the roof a porch Wednesday night.

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Police say drugs found during suspicious activity call in Chillicothe

| September 22, 2018

Formal charges were filed in Livingston Count Friday, against a man arrested for alleged drug possession by Chillicothe Police.

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Another couple arrested in Livingston County claim they had court in Linn County

| September 8, 2018

After arresting a couple reportedly going to court in Linn County, the Livingston County Sheriff says another couple said the same during an arrest the next day.

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Charges pending after firearm and drugs allegedly seized in Chillicothe

| August 22, 2018

Couple jailed after suspicious activity brought to attention of Chillicothe Police.

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Competency hearing scheduled for man accused of threatening Daviess County officials

| August 10, 2018

A man charged with making a terrorist threat will have a competency hearing in Daviess County next monty.

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Altamont man charged with stealing motorbike in Daviess County

| July 3, 2018

Robert B. Wilson, 33 faces burglary and stealing charges over the alleged incident in Daviess County.

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Warrant issued for man accused of drug possession in Chillicothe

| July 1, 2018

A formal drug charge has been filed against a Kansas City man arrested by Chillicothe Police Friday afternoon.

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Minnesota resident arrested after allegedly leaving scene of accident

| June 30, 2018

A Minnesota resident found herself in potential legal trouble after her arrest in Daviess County Saturday.

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Two jailed for alleged drug possession in Andrew County

| June 24, 2018

A suspect is accused of resisting while being arrested on drug allegations in Andrew County.

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