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Norwegian aerospace and defense company to open Pettis County logistics center

| June 22, 2017

17 jobs will be created initially with the possibility of adding up to four more over a five year period.

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Trial in troopers death expected to go to jury today

| May 25, 2017

Closing arguments begin today in St. Charles County, for the man accused of causing the death of Trooper James Bava.

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Court hears motion in criminal case against Mexico teacher

| January 8, 2017

A motion will be heard by the defendant to exclude some evidence from being submitted by the prosecution.

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Military couple shares personal experience coping with PTSD

| April 5, 2016

One military family speaks about the struggles they faced, as well as the help and support they received from family, friends, and the Defense Centers of Excellence

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A Randolph County court will hear motions in an assault case today

| March 23, 2016

A motions hearing is scheduled to begin in Randolph County today.

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Cooper County court to set trial date for Boonville defendant

| December 8, 2015

A Boonville defendant has a preliminary hearing with trial setting in Cooper County today.

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US Senator Roy Blunt gives opinion of defense spending bill in recent news conference

| June 11, 2015

In a news conference, Missouri Senator Roy Blunt gives his opinion of the Senate’s defense authorization bill.

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Beech has hearing in Carroll County

| June 9, 2015

A Carrollton man will appear for a hearing in the Carroll County Circuit Court today.

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Senator McCaskill news conference touches upon national security reforms and NDAA

| June 8, 2015

Senator Claire McCaskill in a news conference applauds bipartisan cooperation in security reform.

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