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Weather delayed molestation case to be reviewed in Cass County

| February 14, 2019

A child molestation case cancelled by last weeks ice storm has been rescheduled in Cass County this morning.

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Trial date expected in Sullivan County burglary case today

| February 7, 2019

Christina McDonald, 47, of Milan is charged with first degree burglary, felony stealing and possession of burglary tools.

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Domestic abuse case to be arraigned in Linn County

| January 24, 2019

Victim claims Ryan R. Costa, 29, attacked her after she found his stash of drugs in the residence.

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California couple ask for bond reduction in Saline County.

| January 23, 2019

Santos Urban, Jr., 41 and his wife Jennifer, 35, of Redding California, will appear in Saline County on motions filed to reduce their bond.

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Two women to appear in Sullivan County on burglary charges

| January 10, 2019

Two women accused of breaking into a home near Green City will appear in Sullivan County for preliminary hearings.

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Hearing continued Thursday to go ahead Friday in Linn County

| December 21, 2018

A one day delay of a court hearing is seldom heard of these days.

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Molestation case delayed one day in Linn County

| December 20, 2018

A motion hearing in a Linn County child molestation case against Rodger L. Gannan, 35, has been delayed one day.

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Court to hear testimony in Pettis County bar assault

| December 13, 2018

A Blackwater man has a preliminary hearing over charges filed after a fight at a bar in Pettis County.

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Sex Offender to appear on Cass County child sex charges

| December 13, 2018

A registered sex offender, Miles Edward Wray, 28 of Harrisonville, is accused of molesting a runaway who lived with his girlfriend.

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