Tag: drug allegations

A Lebanon man reportedly had warrants and drugs when stopped.

| June 17, 2018

A trooper reportedly found drugs when he arrested an Lebanon man on a couple of fugitive warrants Saturday afternoon..

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Driver faces drug allegation after Buchanan County stop.

| June 9, 2018

A St. Joseph resident is facing felony allegations after a traffic stop in Buchanan County Friday night.

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Warrants lead to drug allegations in Ray County

| June 1, 2018

The Missouri Highway Patrol will seek additional charges after serving three Ray County warrants last night.

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Judge makes several rulings in Linn County drug case

| June 1, 2018

A Marceling man will remain in custody after a hearing in Linn County yesterday morning.

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Several charges each for two arrested in Miller County

| May 23, 2018

Two women from Eldon are being held in Miller County, after their arrest on drug allegations Tuesday afternoon.

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Drugs allegedly seized by trooper in Carroll County

| May 20, 2018

Lincoln man held for drug allegations, after traffic stop in Carroll County Saturday afternoon.

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Drug warrant served and drugs allegedly found during search

| May 19, 2018

A Macon resident is facing additional drug allegations, after being arrested Friday in Boone County.

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Patrol say stop sign violation led to drug allegations

| May 18, 2018

The Missouri Highway Patrol a driver from Kidder was jailed after a traffic stop in Caldwell County Thursday.

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Drug allegations added to traffic violations in Miller County

| April 29, 2018

A Columbia man was jailed after being stopped for speeding in Miller County yesterday.

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