Tag: drug paraphernalia

Linn County arrest stems from alleged felony drug possession

| November 14, 2018

A Kansas City resident was arrested after Missouri State Highway Patrol allegedly discovered him to be in felonious possession of drugs.

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Felony drug possession alleged, two arrested in Benton County

| November 12, 2018

Two people were arrested in Benton County Sunday evening for alleged drug possession.

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Miller County arrest lands Camdenton resident behind bars

| November 7, 2018

A Camdenton resident was arrested Wednesday morning on drug-related suspicions.

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Teen bound over on Cooper County drug charges

| November 3, 2018

Cameron Isaiah Comstock, 18, of Boonville, waived a preliminary hearing Tuesday abd was bound over to the Cooper County Circuit Court.

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Iowa residents arrested for drug possession in Clark County

| October 28, 2018

Two residents of Minden, Iowa were transported to Clark County Jail Sunday morning, according to an arrest report from Missouri State Highway Patrol.

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St. Joseph resident arrested, allegedly in possession of several types of drugs

| October 27, 2018

A St. Joseph resident was detained after Missouri State Highway Patrol allegedly discovered him in possession of drugs Saturday.

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Carrollton couple pleads not guilty to drug charges

| October 24, 2018

A couple charged with drug possession in Carroll County have a hearing scheduled in court again this morning.

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80 pounds of marijuana allegedly recovered on Illinois man accused of felony delivery charges

| October 23, 2018

An Anna, Illinois resident was taken to custody in Cooper County after alleged felony drug delivery charges.

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Husband and wife charged with felony drug possession in Carroll County

| October 23, 2018

A field test of the paraphernalia revealed the presence of methamphetamine.

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