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Kansas City woman indicted in Platte County on murder allegations of eight-year-old boy

| January 30, 2018

The indictment alleges that Aushena Warren, 30, cause the death of the eight-year-old boy by drowning him in a bathtub last year.

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UPDATE – Additional charges filed after murder weapon found in creek

| August 10, 2017

McCarthy was unarmed when he was arrested on charges of first degree murder and armed criminal action.

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Arraignment continued for man accused in killing of infant

| June 21, 2017

An arraignment in Moniteau County was postponed Tuesday morning, for a man accused of killing his son and burning the body.

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Pettis County murder case dismissed for lack of evidence

| June 1, 2017

The Prosecuting Attorney said that evidence could not prove one Sedalia man’s involvement in the June 2016 arson death of Matthew Eldenburg, resulting in charges being dropped against him.

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A jury is hearing a murder case in Buchanan County

| May 25, 2017

A murder trial has been going on in Buchanan County this week.

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The shooter has been charged in Tuesdays homicide in Kirksville

| March 31, 2017

Police have identified the victim and shooter in a Tuesday night homicide in Kirksville.

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Independence man charged in killing after kids talk to teachers

| January 31, 2017

Officers found her body the next day when the children talked to their teachers at school.

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St. Louis woman’s arraignment pushed back to Jan. 30

| January 23, 2017

Pamela Hupp of St. Charles County was scheduled for arraignment Monday in a first-degree murder case. The court hearing was pushed back to Jan. 30.

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17-year-old charged in July killing in St. Louis County

| January 20, 2017

Charges were filed Thursday against Eric Porter of Berkeley. He is jailed on $500,000 cash-only bond.

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